The UN General Assembly adopted a draft resolution on Russia's payment of reparations to Ukraine

94 countries voted for, and 14 against.

On Monday, November 14, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a draft resolution on the need to hold Russia accountable for its war against Ukraine and pay the aggressor country reparations. The decision was approved at a special session of the UN General Assembly.

The document was supported by 94 states. 14 voted “against” and 73 abstained.

In particular, the Bahamas, Belarus, China, Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Mali, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, Central African Republic spoke against the adoption of the resolution Republic and Zimbabwe.

Speaking “for”, the countries recognized that the Russian Federation should bear responsibility for violations of international law in and against Ukraine, including invasion of the territory of the state, as well as international humanitarian law and human rights.

It is about creating legal consequences for the aggressor, including compensation for any damage caused by the actions of the Russians.

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In particular, 94 countries call for the creation of an international mechanism in cooperation with Kyiv to compensate for damages and losses from the illegal actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. For this, UN members are recommended to create a register of damages caused to all interested individuals and legal entities, as well as to the state itself, in order to register evidence.

The authorship of the adopted resolution belongs to Ukraine and more than 50 other representatives of the organization.

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Let us remind you that in October the UN General Assembly officially condemned Russia's attempt to annex the territories of Ukraine. 143 countries supported the resolution, 35 countries abstained, and five voted against.

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