AP: In the final declaration, there will be a reminder that the G20 is not a platform for solving security issues

What else will be discussed there?

G20 countries may soon adopt a 16-page declaration , in which it will be said that the majority of its members condemn the war that the Russian Federation has unleashed against Ukraine. Reuters writes about this.

“The majority of members sharply condemned the war in Ukraine and emphasized that it causes enormous human suffering and exacerbates existing problems in the world economy,” said the draft document cited by the agency.

There is an assumption that the Russian Federation opposed such wording. And one of the European diplomats in a comment to the agency even noted that in this regard in some countries “there were different views and different assessments of the situation and sanctions”.

The Associated Press reports that most of the G20 will condemn Russian aggression. The mass media notes that the states “demand the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russia from the territory of Ukraine.” This reiterates the position expressed in the resolution of the UN General Assembly of March 2.

The G20 statement will also address the concerns of its members regarding challenges to global food security.

There will also be a thesis that the G20 is not a forum for solving security issues, but they understand that these issues “can have serious consequences for the world economy.” Related video

Let us remind you that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made a speech during the G20 summit on November 15. The Ukrainian leader proposed a number of initiatives to those present, including the holding of an international conference on post-war security and participation in the Grain From Ukraine project. He also presented the Ukrainian security formula, criticized the nuclear threats of Russia and called the aggressor to return kidnapped and exchange captured Ukrainians.

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