Executions and mass burials in the occupation: Zelensky asks the G19 to create a special tribunal for the Russian Federation

That was the case in Buch, that was the case near Izyum, and we are seeing the same thing now in the Kherson region.

come across torture centers and mass burials of local residents, stated President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his address to the G20 leaders at the Bali summit in Indonesia.

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He called for the creation of a special tribunal to investigate crimes and recalled the atrocities in Buch, near Izyum:

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“Everywhere, when we liberate our land, we see one thing – Russia leaves behind torture and mass burials of murdered people. This was the case in Buchi and other cities in the north of the country after the occupation. This was the case in the Kharkiv region. We see the same thing now in the Kherson region”. >To date, the Ukrainian side has data on 430 dead children who were killed during Russia's strikes on civilian objects.

“And how many mass graves are there in the territory that still remains under the control of Russia? What will we see in Mariupol?” Zelensky asks rhetorically.

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He reminds that “there is already proposed resolution of the UN General Assembly on the international compensation mechanism for war damage:

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“She was voted. We ask you to use it. We are also preparing a second resolution regarding the Special Tribunal. I ask you to join and support it,” he urged the representatives of the “Big 20”. reduce Russia's offensive potential Its cost is 40 million hryvnias. AP: The final declaration will remind that the G20 is not a platform for solving security issues What else will be discussed there? Completely destroyed: what does the substation that provided energy supply to Kherson and the region look like It may take a long time to restore this object. The front line is approaching the large occupied cities of the Luhansk region – Gaidai The occupiers continue to withdraw reserves to the region. < strong>The Pentagon predicted whether the Russians could voluntarily leave the occupied territory ii There, they expect a slowdown in hostilities due to the onset of winter.

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