The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded once again: Russia is not in a position to dictate the terms for negotiations

There they noted that lasting peace will be achieved by fulfilling the conditions dictated by Kyiv.

start negotiations “without preconditions”. He noted that the aggressor is now in such a position that it does not allow them to dictate them at all. Therefore, Kyiv does not back down from its demands, Nikolenko wrote on his Facebook page.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded about what demands Kyiv is talking about:

  • immediate cessation of war;
  • withdrawal of all Russian troops;
  • restoration of Ukrainian territorial integrity;
  • compensation for damages;
  • provision of effective guarantees regarding non-repetition of aggression.
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    “Under other conditions, it will be impossible to achieve lasting peace,” Nikolenko concluded.

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    Let us remind you that in Moscow they have changed their rhetoric, refused all conditions and are now hoping for the “good will” of Ukraine in order to resume negotiations . And after the loss of Kherson, the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed at the official level that, it turns out, the goals of the so-called special operation of the Russian Federation can also be achieved with the help of dialogue.

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    However President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi made it clear to the Russians that negotiations with them will be possible only when the occupying forces leave all the captured territories of our country. And he also explained that < /span>further conversation will also depend on how the Russian invaders will leave our country: if it will be a voluntary exit, then this is one type of dialogue, a somewhat softer transition from war to diplomacy, but if they are knocked out by Ukrainian troops, then it is a completely different type.

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