China has begun to criticize the Kremlin's nuclear threats — Reuters

The US believes that Beijing is “surprised and even somewhat confused by the course of the Russian war.”

Beijing displeased with Moscow's nuclear rhetoric< /strong>, even though Russia is China's strategic partner. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said during the summit of the Association of East Asian Nations held in Cambodia that threats to use nuclear weapons are irresponsible, Reuters reports.

A high-ranking US official, referred to by the agency, said on condition of anonymity that the representative of China spoke in sufficient detail about the policy towards Ukraine.

“Li Keqiang emphasized sovereignty, the irresponsibility of nuclear threats, the need to ensure that nuclear weapons are not used as some have suggested,” the source said, adding that ” there was certainly some discomfort in Beijing about what we saw in terms of reckless rhetoric and activity from Russia.”

According to the American official, China is “surprised and even somewhat embarrassed by the course of the Russian war.”

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We recall that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during during his visit to the People's Republic of China, he stated that China bears a “special responsibility” in the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine. He emphasized the importance of official Beijing's statement that it is necessary to adhere to UN principles, especially against the background of the Kremlin's nuclear threats.

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