“Perhaps not all Ukrainian cities will be able to be rebuilt”: Shulyak explained what the government's plan would consist of

Relevant work should be carried out not only in de-occupied cities, but also in settlements where the number of residents has increased significantly due to the displacement, she explained.

, that after the victory in the war, Ukraine will not be able to rebuild all the cities, since some of them were completely destroyed by the Russian invaders. During an interview with RBC Ukraine, she explained the situation.

“There are areas that have been deoccupied, and it seems to us that these areas should be the focus of reconstruction. But even those areas that have accepted people and businesses today, their territories also need to be replanned, taking into account economic and demographic features,” she said. she.

Shulyak explained that as of today there are communities in Ukraine in which the number of residents has increased by 25%. It should be understood that this is an additional burden on both infrastructure and access to public services.

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“Also, no matter how painful it is to talk about it, maybe there will be such people points that we will not be able to rebuild, because they are completely destroyed, the enemy has erased them from the face of our land,” she said.

The head of the “servant” noted that there will also be those territories that should be considered for the creation of new microdistricts or settlements.This primarily concerns cities where the construction of new facilities is planned, which will allow employment of as many people as possible.

Before starting reconstruction, it will be necessary to review and replan all Ukrainian regions,said Shulyak. To this end, a law has already been adopted, within the framework of which it is assumed that a strategic document – “Comprehensive recovery program” should be developed in each region. It will later become the basis of the new urban planning documentation. Such a document should be developed for the region, and for a separate community, and even for parts of the community. who have arrived, who plan to stay, who need to create conditions for development in this region, taking into account natural or logistical features.

“The second issue, which must be covered in the document, is the demographics, what about the people in the region, how to bring them back. I am personally very afraid when we rebuild a kindergarten, paint it in bright colors, and this kindergarten will be empty, so that the children who have to go there simply won't be there because their parents have nowhere to work or live,” she said.

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It will be recalled that the vice president of the World Bank, Anna Bjerde, said that the recovery of Ukraine after the war with Russia will cost about 500-600 billion euros. According to her, the amount increased after the Russian missile attacks on our energy infrastructure. span>

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Bjerde also believes that a big plan like the “Marshall Plan” is needed to restore Ukraine. Read more about this in the article by Martina Bohuslavets “The new Marshall Plan for Ukraine: a platform in the format of Rammstein and the Recovery Fund“.

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