Dmitry Muratov and Novaya Gazeta decide to hand over Nobel Medal to Ukrainian refugees

The journalist called on the auction houses to respond to his initiative.

Дмитрий Муратов и «Новая газета» решили передать Нобелевскую медаль в пользу беженцев из Украины

Dmitry Muratov, a Russian journalist, editor-in-chief and one of the founders of Novaya Gazeta, who won the Nobel Peace Prize last year, said he would hand over the Nobel Medal to Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia's war. According to the journalist's address, he asks the auction houses to respond to his initiative.

Novaya Gazeta and I have decided to transfer the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Medal to the Ukrainian Refugee Relief Fund. There are already over 10 million of them. I ask the auction houses to respond, which will put up for auction this world-famous award, “the statement reads.

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Muratov noted that there are steps that must be taken immediately, among them he called a ceasefire, exchange of prisoners, return of the bodies of the dead, humanitarian corridors and assistance, provision of refugees.

“What we can do: share with peaceful refugees, wounded and sick children who need urgent treatment, what is dear to you and has a price for others,” the journalist added.

Russia's war in Ukraine has provoked the biggest migration crisis in Europe since World War II. According to UN estimates, more than 4 million Ukrainians have left for neighboring camps .

Another 12 million IDPs will need help.

How can the state support migrants? How to provide conditions for their return from abroad after the war? Read in the article by Ella Libanova ” War with Russia: how to give work to refugees and what to do next” in ZN.UA.

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