Journalist and photographer Max Levin has disappeared near Kyiv

The last time he got in touch was more than a week ago.

Под Киевом исчез журналист и фотограф Макс Левин

Journalist and photographer Maxim Levin disappeared near Kiev while documenting Russia's war against Ukraine. According to his friend and colleague, co-author of the joint documentary project Afterilovaisk Markian Liseik, the last time he got in touch was on March 13 in the Vyshgorod district, reports LB.

According to him, on March 13, Levin left in his own car to photograph the fighting. He left the car near the village of Guta Mezhigorsk and went towards the village of Moshchun.

“A message came to his phone at 11:23, after which he no longer got in touch and did not appear online,” Liseiko told colleagues.

On the same day, active fighting broke out in the Moschun area. The APU later reported that the village had been liberated from the occupiers, but what happened to Maxim Levin is unknown.

Max Levin works as a photojournalist and documentary photographer. He has collaborated, in particular, with Reuters, BBC, Associated Press, He actively covered the war in Donbass, as well as the events after February 24 this year.

It will be recalled that on March 14, 55-year-old American Fox News journalist Pierre Zakzhevsky was killed in a shelling by Russian occupation forces near Kyiv. Earlier, three more people died at the hands of the infidels – journalist Viktor Dudar was killed during the fighting near Nikolaev, Live cameraman Yevgeny Sakun was killed during a rocket attack in Kiev and American documentary filmmaker Brent Reno was killed at a checkpoint in Irpen.


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