Turkey did not accept US condolences after yesterday's terrorist attack, saying that Washington “finances terrorists”

There they noted that the responsibility for the tragedy lies with the YPG organization.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey Suleiman Soylu said Ankara does not accept and rejects the sympathy of the USA in connection with the terrorist attack in Istanbul on November 13, because it knows where it was coordinated from. As Anadolu reports, the minister said that Washington “finances terrorists in Kobane”.

According to him, the headquarters of the YPG terrorist organization, which is responsible for the terrorist attack, is located in this Syrian district. Moreover, the performer admitted that she was sent to Turkey illegally through the Syrian Afrin.

“Among those detained is a terrorist who was entrusted with the physical elimination of the perpetrator of the explosion in Istanbul. Those involved in the terrorist attack could have fled to Greece already today, but were promptly captured,” Soylu said.


In the context of this story, it is worth mentioning that the US supports the Syrian Kurds, with whom Turkey is at war. Back in 2014, the United States led an international coalition against the Islamic State, where the Kurds became one of their key allies and the main force of the ground operation. And a year later, in 2015, these forces created the Kurdish-Arab paramilitary alliance “Syrian Democratic Forces”, enlisting the support of the international coalition.

As for Turkey, the Kurds there are considered paramilitary by the wing of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. And it is the PKK that opposes the official Ankara, and is considered a terrorist organization, by the way, not only in Turkey, but also in the United States.

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Recall that in the afternoon of November 13, a powerful explosion thundered in the tourist area of ​​Istanbul . As a result, six people died, and more than 50 were injured. After that, the tragedy was qualified as a terrorist attack.

The next day, the Turkish police detained a person who probably left explosives on Istiklal Street. And the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Suleiman Soylu, noted that “traces of the terrorist attack lead to Syria”.

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