Armored vests and helmets pierced with a knife “for flight”: in the suburbs of Moscow – a riot of mobilized

“Second World Army”.

Videos from < strong> Russian mobilized, where they demonstrate the quality of the uniforms issued to them by the state. In a video published on the “Looking for my own” channel, the target audience of which is the relatives of prisoners from the Russian Federation, a conscript from the Moscow region, against the background of a patriotic poster, showed how they equip themselves in the notorious “Patriot” center.

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“They gave out body armor that can be penetrated by a knife and helmets that can be shot through. The Second Army,” the video description says.

We will remind you that recently an officer of the 92nd Brigade of the Armed Forces described the situation in the Kharkiv direction as a “Meat Grinder”: Russia continues send a large number of conscripts to the front without the necessary training or without it at all.

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“They do not protect people, there is not even a conversation about protecting people. There is no objective goal…” says Viktor.

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