Heads of American and Russian intelligence held talks in Ankara

Turkey has so far refused to comment on the information.

Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency William Burns and head Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin held talks in Ankara on Monday, the Turkish newspaper YeniŞafak writes with reference to a White House representative.

According to the publication, among the topics to be discussed by the intelligence representatives were Americans detained by the Russian Federation and nuclear danger. .

At the same time, according to Reuters, Burns arrived at the meeting “to deliver a message about the consequences of Russia's use of nuclear weapons.”

“He is not conducting any negotiations. He is not discussing the settlement of the war in Ukraine,” said an American official.

In turn, representatives of the Turkish authorities refused to comment on reports that Russian and American delegations held talks in the Turkish capital on Monday.

The day before, the Russian newspaper “Kommersant” reported that officials of the two countries met today. In particular, the publication stated that Russia was represented by the head of Russia's foreign intelligence Serhiy Naryshkin. The Kremlin noted that they could neither confirm nor deny this information.

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After a visit to Kyiv, the adviser from national security of the US President Jake Sullivan confirmed that the communication channels between Washington and Moscow remain open. During a speech in New York, Sullivan noted that “it is in the interests of the United States to maintain contact with the Russian Federation. Moreover, it is also in the interests of all states that may be affected by the Kremlin's nuclear escalation.”

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At the same time, he assured that officials in Washington “are clearly aware of who we are dealing with”.< /p>

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