The European Commission approved the nationalization of the “daughter” of the Russian “Gazprom” in Germany

This measure should ensure the security of gas supplies to Germany.

The European Commission approved giving Germany 225.6 million euros for the purchase of SEFE GmbH (Securing Energy for Europe GmbH) – a subsidiary of the Russian monopoly Gazprom, which was previously called Gazprom Germania GmbH.

Currently, the company is under the supervision of the Federal Network Agency of Germany The European Commission believes that Germany's purchase of 100% of SEFE shares will allow it to replace Gazprom Export and guarantee the security of gas supply for its economy.

SEFE accounts for 14% of gas supplies to Germany, the company also operates in other EU countries . In addition, it owns and manages 28% of gas storage facilities serving Germany, and also owns gas pipelines in Germany and other EU countries.

According to the plan, the existing authorized capital of 225.6 million euros will be zeroed out. , which will effectively terminate the ownership of the current Russian shareholder. SEFE GmbH will then issue new ordinary shares with that nominal value. Therefore, this move will lead to a change in the equity capital of the company, the new owner of which will be Germany.

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Previously Germany nationalized Uniper, the largest importer of Russian gas. After the nationalization of SEFE, only one large importer of gas from the Russian Federation will remain in Germany – the EnBW VNG division. According to the German media, its nationalization is on the way.

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After February 24, Europe suddenly realized the danger of dependence on Russia in terms of energy resources and began to actively make decisions to get rid of it as soon as possible. How the European Union will jump off the Russian energy needle, read in Lana Zerkal's article “Birth of Europe“.

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