Zelensky called the turning point in the war, which has already happened

According to him, it is now clear who exactly will win. But we must continue to fight.

defense of Kherson, as it is one of the most important cities in the south of our country. In addition, it is the only regional center that the Russians were able to capture. During a speech at the G20 summit, he compared its de-occupation to the Allied landings in Normandy during World War II.

“And now Kherson is free. What does this mean? This liberation operation of our Defense Forces is for Ukraine an analogy of many battles of the past, which were turning points in wars. They symbolized such changes, after which people already knew whose victory would be, although we still had to fight for it, – said the president. – It is like, for example, D-Day – the landing of the Allies in Normandy. It was not yet a turning point in the fight against evil, but it already determined the entire further course events. This is exactly what we feel now. Now – when Kherson is free.”

But Zelensky emphasized that Ukrainians still need to fight for some time to liberate all their territories.

“But if victory will still be ours, and we are sure of it, shouldn't we try to implement our peace formula to save thousands of lives and save the world from further destabilization?” – concluded the president.

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We will remind you that on November 14, the Ukrainian flag was raised in Kherson. President Volodymyr Zelenskyi visited the city for the first time after his release.

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During November 10-11 The Armed Forces have advanced significantly in two areas in the south. The defenders of Ukrainemanaged to liberate almost the entire Mykolaiv Oblast (except for the Kinburn Spit) and the right bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson Oblast. November 11 advanced Ukrainian special forces entered the regional center.

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